Highly Trained Employees. Value Added Services. Tier-1 Warehouse Management Systems. Modern & Sustainable Facilities.

DSI Logistics is a 3PL company, operating over one million square feet of contract and public warehousing assets in Savannah, serving the needs of global importers and exporters. We use a comprehensive technology platform to deliver value added warehousing, trucking and rail services to global manufacturers and retailers across many industries.

Our contract and public warehouse offerings let you decide what works best for your company, your products, and your budget. Rest assured, you will benefit from our proven expertise and commitment to excellence, our highly trained employees and latest technology investments.


If you want a specific warehouse design and commitment to your warehousing operations over the long term, DSI Logistics provides contract warehousing options both in our current facilities or facilities in other locations. DSI Logistics provides contract warehousing services to suit a broad range of industries, products and operations and can deliver the expertise and resources to increase your operational performance and your bottom line.

  • Long term warehouse storage
  • Dedicated resources and operational capacity
  • Warehouse design
  • Process analysis and control
  • Technology integration
  • Software and systems customization
  • Assembly and light manufacturing
  • Packaging, kitting, shrink wrapping, labeling, and fulfillment


Knowing that customers may have more immediate or short term needs, DSI Logistics also offers public warehouse space. Our public warehouse option helps customers with the need for shorter duration operations such as seasonal swings and short term overflow.

  • Consider space availability for short term storage and transloading
  • Utilize standard operations, value added services and shared resources
  • Benefit from DSI Logistics’ standard WMS (Warehouse Management System), TMS (Transportation Management System), and EDI integration capabilities
  • Leverage integrated drayage and transportation capabilities for last mile reliability

Industries Served

DSI Logistics has earned a respected reputation in our market over the last 30 years and is a leader in the retail, paper and forest products industries’ warehousing markets in the Savannah area. At DSI Logistics, we understand the importance of protecting our customers’ products and creating operations that are compatible within all of our business. Customers know that they can rely on us because we take the time to understand their needs and invest in the design, training, and technology to handle their products with precision and care.

Industries Served:

  • General Retail
  • Appliances and White Goods
  • Paper and Forest Products
  • Food and Beverage
  • Metals, including Coils, Sheets, Ingots, Sows, and Billet
  • Project Cargo — Flat Racks and Heavy Weights
  • Bulk Transload — Rail and Truck to Container

Our experienced team is proud to serve a wide cross section of industries utilizing our consistent operation and reliable technology platform. In addition, DSI Logistics is large enough to meet the strict requirements of global corporations but nimble enough to execute quickly and add value to any operation.

Got retail?

Retailers have come to rely on DSI Logistics for our commitment to quality. From exceptionally clean and modern warehousing facilities to our cutting edge technology, we have what it takes to protect your product until it reaches its final destination.

Warehouse technology pays off.

Customers prefer our high end WMS and EDI (Elecronic Data Interchange), while mobile barcode scanners track cargo in a wireless warehouse infrastructure.