First Mile / Last Mile Delivery

Reliable Transportation. Less Time on Wheels. Reduced Costs. Efficient Delivery.

DSI Logistics offers “first mile / last mile” management solutions — the movement of goods from one place to another — to alleviate stress for companies in retail, paper and pulp, metals, and other industries. Our customers know their products are in good hands from the moment those products leave the warehouse, to when they reach their final destination.

Our transportation and logistics company provides cost-efficient and reliable intermodal transportation services, arranging all needs, from packaging and freight management services to invoicing to ensure fewer days on wheels and reducing administrative costs.

Located in the Port of Savannah’s beltway, less than five miles from the Georgia Port Terminal, we offer convenient access to the port and interstate system, as well as the largest fully indoor railcar loading capabilities in the area. Rail access inside our warehouse is the superior choice for weather-sensitive cargo.

Last Mile Logistics

Last mile logistics are the final step of the supply chain – when your goods or products finally get into the hands of your customers. Through our 3PL company, we are committed to providing companies in any industry with reliable last mile services. With us, you can rest assured that your goods and products are efficiently delivered to your customers.

Whether your customers are located in Atlanta, Garden City, Port Wentworth, or beyond, our final mile delivery services will ensure you save on both time and money.

If you’re looking for the best first mile/last mile delivery companies in the Savannah area, choose DSI Logistics. We are a one-stop shop for your transportation and warehousing management, saving you time and money. Contact us today.

First Mile / Last Mile FAQ

What is “first mile” or “last mile” delivery?

First mile / last mile delivery refers to the movement of goods during the supply chain process from the “first” place of origin to the “last” destination. This is often a multi-step process that can cause stress for companies in any industry. Therefore, having a specialized logistics company, such as DSI Logistics, can alleviate some of the common issues associated with first / last mile delivery.

What are the benefits of first / last mile delivery?

When you work with a reliable 3PL supply chain management company to handle first mile / last mile delivery, it can relieve stress for your company. Reliable transportation ensures your products are in good hands from pickup all the way through delivery. These services can also save time and money, and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

How do you improve last mile delivery?

Last mile delivery can be improved by working closely with the customer and the logistics company in question. A logistics company can manage all aspects of last mile delivery while increasing cost and time efficiency. When you keep customers updated, through tracking and consistent communication, it will also benefit your company and your brand image.