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When shipping products into the U.S., partnering with a logistics company you can trust should be a top priority for reliable drayage services. Our drayage brokers at DSI handle the process of transporting containers by truck from a port to its destination, or vice versa.

Drayage can quickly become complicated and costly when you do not use a third party logistics company. To make your supply chain process as seamless as possible, DSI has the expert knowledge and reliable equipment to perform timely, efficient delivery.

With our team, you can rest assured that your products can swiftly move between the Port of Savannah and downtown Savannah, Garden City, Port Wentworth, or surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our drayage company.

Drayage Services

From door-to-door drayage to shuttle options, DSI Logistics offers a comprehensive range of container drayage services to get your products from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way possible. We offer our customers the following drayage services:

  • Door-to-Door Drayage
  • Expedited Drayage
  • Intermodal Drayage
  • Inter-Carrier Drayage
  • Pier Drayage
  • Shuttle Drayage

Intermodal Drayage

Unlike traditional drayage which utilizes only trucks, intermodal drayage utilizes sea, rail, and roadways to transport containers. With high gas prices, driver shortages, strict safety regulations, and more, relying on more than just trucks increases efficiency by saving time and money.

When you choose DSI as your shipping partner, you can depend on our extensive network of carriers throughout Georgia. We operate safe and reliable trucks and drivers in order to get your goods to the next or final destination as expected. For more information on the specific types of drayage services we provide, call us today at (912) 964 0399.

At DSI Logistics, we provide our customers with first-class intermodal drayage services through our strong intermodal network, working with only the most reliable carriers. In addition to our value added services in logistics, our intermodal drayage services will securely get your products to their final destination.

Frequently Asked Questions for Drayage Services

What is drayage?
Drayage refers to the transport of goods over short distances through the use of a truck. Drayage services connect different modes of long-haul transport. This trucking transports containers to warehouses, railways, and more and ensures on-time and efficient delivery of goods to the final customer.
What is the difference between cartage and drayage?
Both cartage and drayage refer to transporting goods over short distances to the final destination. The main difference is that drayage services transport the entire containers, while cartage services break down the contents inside containers into smaller units for transport.
How are drayage costs typically calculated?
Drayage costs are typically calculated by weight, but other factors including how the goods are packaged, where the items need to go, local port rates, and more determines the final cost. Contact our team to request a rate quote for our drayage services.